[Test Reliability] Minutes of Test Reliability meeting of 24 May 2022

== Summary ==

We discussed the comments in draft Outcome document 
and in the survey 

  * Bruce's comments on benefits are moving to How-To.  Since we will be
    delivering the info from the database (when that is built) we will
    be able to deliver the benefits on the same page.  We thought it was
    a better idea to avoid duplicating the information.
  * We discussed changing the Outcome handle name and decided to put an
    editor's note asking for comments. We looked at several different
    W3C documents related to pronunciation and noted that the most
    recent had changed the spec name so it is no longer
    "Pronunciation".  We noted that more Pronunciation outcomes could be
    added to include the work of the Pronunciation group, for example,
    the Pronunciation Task Force work could be a protocol.
  * We added a number of Editor's notes
    in response to the comments.
  * We moved the definitions from the Method to the Outcome.  We
    discussed pros and cons of normative definitions.

== Minutes ==


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