Re: [EXT] Visible controls - Design canvas exception

> WCAG doesnít define the ďother visual meansĒ in Use of Color. There are examples and techniques, but itís up to the designer to determine how to provide the information conveyed with color through another visual means.

When you rely on color, certain distinct information is being conveyed, e.g. a red or green circle next to an item to indicate status. From a testing point of view you can then look for how else you would know that information.

However, something having additional controls on-hover isnít distinct information, it is a sort of a status, and one that can get mixed in with other statuses. E.g. is this a control, is it selected, etc.

Having looked through quite a few examples, I donít think it as clear as Use of Color (which itself can cause disagreements!).


Received on Tuesday, 12 April 2022 22:08:56 UTC