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I’m interested

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Hi everyone,

As discussed last week, lots of people thought it would be good to have a group under AG that looks at finding new requirements / criteria that could input to WCAG 2.3.

From yesterday, we’re still struggling with whether there is enough interest from people willing to participate:

So, please reply to me if you are interested in looking at requirements that could be turned into success criteria for a WCAG 2.3. (You can CC the group if you like, but you don’t have to.)
Also, we did note down who volunteered during the meeting.

There are still open questions about whether it’s a sub-group or task force, and whether it could cover requirements / testable statements for WCAG 3.0 later. However, unless we get sufficient interest in working on it (e.g. around 10 people) those questions won’t matter.

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