RE: Idea for additional Level A criteria

> In my opinion it could be confusing to breakout specific requirements for tables and structure while not breaking out specific criteria for lists, heading, associating error messaging, etc.

Yes, there will be some confusion.  There is also some confusion with having so much packed into 1.3.1, but we have kind of gotten used to that.  If we explore this option, yes, there would also need to be out specific criteria for lists, heading, associating error messaging, etc.  So that is through, etc.  Still, there will difficulty enumerating every situation current 1.3.1 is applied.  I also expect that care will be needed to avoid stepping on other SC.

>  These items are already covered and this fact could be clarified by better supporting materials rather than updating the standard.

I agree that these items are already covered.  I agree that better supporting materials could add clarity.  I would still like for us to consider if updating the standard in this way could be of significant utility.

>  The authors specifically choose to not create WCAG in this way and changing it now opens up all sorts of questions for other SC like 4.1.2 as well.

My own recollection is that 1.3.1 was  very much a compromise, and that there was consensus was that it was good enough.  I do not remember if (or how much) we considered three decimal points. 

Jon, I love your suggestion to add sub-criteria to 4.1.2!

With the Revised 508 Standards, we did get feedback that, for the context of assessing the accessibility of software, neither SC 1.3.1 nor 4.1.2 were not sufficiently comprehensive.  In my previous email, I linked to the first sub-provision under Revised 508 Standards provision 502.3.  There are of fourteen of those.  Several could be appropriate as sub-criteria under 1.3.1, and several others could appropriate as sub-criteria under 4.1.2.  And probably a few are too difficult to implement in HMTL.

Again, here the bookmark to 502.3.1 Object information.  But if this idea intrigues you, please go through the whole list, through to 502.3.14 Event Notification

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