WCAG 2.3 next steps

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In the last meeting we had a discussion about post-WCAG 2.2 next steps, and where the group would like to put its focus. https://www.w3.org/2021/04/20-ag-minutes.html#item08

The straw poll turned out to be a bit complex, but when we condensed it down to primary/secondary options the outcome was fairly clear. The options presented were:

Option 1: Focus on 3.0, no 2.3.
Option 2: Focus on 2.3, light 3.0 (current approach)
Option 3: Focus on 3.0, taskforce/subgroup on 2.3

The results were:




Option 1



Option 2



Option 3



So there was a fairly clear preference for moving the main focus to WCAG 3.0, and creating a sub-group/TF for working on new requirements that could be considered for a 2.3.

From the Chairs' point of view, we need to consider the timeframes. By Oct '22 we will need to re-charter, and state whether we are committing to a WCAG 2.3. Working backwards from that, it means having a concrete idea of what would go into a WCAG 2.3 by next summer.

Therefore, a TF/sub-group would have roughly a year to:

  *   Gather potential requirements;
  *   Assess them for usage in WCAG 2.3.

From that perspective it seems appropriate to use a sub-group (rather than task force), as its initial timescale would be limited. We could decide at the end of that time to create an equivelent task force that is looking at requirements for WCAG 3 on a longer term basis.

We will continue the discussion in the next meeting, this email was just to follow up and make sure everyone is aware of the previous conversation.

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