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On 30/03/2021 15:27, Alastair Campbell wrote:
> Call For Consensus — ends 1^st April at noon Boston time.
> The Working Group has discussed the WCAG 2.2 success criteria 
> “Consistent Help” (was “Findable Help”), the latest version can be seen 
> here:
> <>

A late "I can live with this", but noting that now the understanding 
document seems slightly out of sync with the SC.

"Without help, some users may abandon the task. They may also fail to 
correctly complete a task, or they may require assistance from people 
who do not necessarily keep private information secure."

This seems to focus on the fact that help in general should be 
available, but that's not the requirement itself, as noted a few 
paragraphs later

"While it would be best for all sites to offer at least one of these 
types of help, this SC does not require help be provided. The SC 
requires that when help is available that it be in a consistent location."

The understanding document also goes on to explain how the various help 
options should be implemented/what they should or shouldn't say/contain. 
But that now seems orthogonal to the SC text itself, which focuses on 
providing a consistent location, and not how/what those help things 
should actually entail?

Also wondering if the whole SC can now not simply be boiled down to "For 
each web page within a set of web pages that provides a help 
functionality, this functionality is included in the same relative order 
on each page." without needing to list the help functionalities directly 
in the SC text? And then define/list examples of help functionality 
separately/as a definition? Unless this SC tries to do more than one 
thing (kind of pressuring authors into providing at least one of these, 
though it claims not to, while on the face just saying that IF that kind 
of help is provided, it should be reachable in a consistent manner).

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