Re: Target spacing refinement

I agree option 5 seems to scan best, but I also think there is a missing 
preposition. There are 2 ideas here:
1) we are talking about the edge farthest from an adjacent target
2) we are talking about the distance from that edge to the adjacent target 
(or between them)

So I think we need 2 prepositions, one to describe which edge and one to 
describe the distance between two points. i think a rejig of the sentence 
still allows that to scan okay:
The distance from each adjacent target to the farthest edge of the current 
target is at least 24 CSS pixels.

I think we need to bear in mind that this is a design-centric 
consideration. As such, it is even more important to get the 
language/concept simple. As such, I want to advocate for a variation I 
pasted into the channel yesterday:

The distance from each target's mid-point to the mid-point of adjacent 
targets is at least 24 CSS pixels, expect when...

AWK said that this wouldn't work for some edge cases, but I'd like to see 
some examples to understand what gets through the net.

Regardless of wording, this is another SC where a quick blurb summarizing 
the objective would help with rapid comprehension. For instance:
Objective: Ensure separation of targets for ease of operation.
I wrote such blurbs for all the 2.1 additions, which were supposed to be 
included in the Understanding documents, but were never incorporated.

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Date:   2020/11/17 04:34 PM
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] Target spacing refinement

Hi everyone, After the long discussion on target spacing today,...         

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Hi everyone,
After the long discussion on target spacing today, I tried to collate the 
options into one place and add a couple of diagrams: 

Personally, I’m leaning towards option 5 as the simplest which measures 
the size+spacing of the target, which would be:
For each target, the distance of the target’s edge farthest from each 
adjacent target is at least 24 CSS pixels, except when:
[3 bullets unchanged]
Nested: The target is enclosed within another target and has a minimum 
height and width of 24 CSS pixels.
If you’d like to add something (options, positives/negatives, diagrams 
etc) please let me know and I’ll add you as an editor of the doc. It is 
open for comments.
Kind regards,
@alastc /

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