RE: AGENDA - AGWG Meeting March 17th 2020

Hi Everyone,

Meeting minutes:

As an overview:

  1.  Conformance challenges reminder (pre-survey feedback)
The document is here: (updated now)
Comments to Peter/Janina/github by end of Thursday would be very appreciated, full survey to follow next week.

  1.  Virtual F2F reminder (March 24th / 25th) (Draft)
Please note the times, a refined agenda to follow tomorrow(ish).

  1.  WCAG 2.2 Visual indicators

General support for the SC, the understanding doc & technique will be updated for a final review.

  1.  WCAG 2.2 Findable help:

Mostly supportive, a few small updates for further review.

  1.  WCAG 2.2 Custom interactions:

Ran out of time, will include next time.

Received on Tuesday, 17 March 2020 17:13:45 UTC