Re: WCAG 2.2 status - Information in steps

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The pull request for this one was made, you can see it here:

It has links through to preview the understanding doc & techniques. Reviews (from everyone) welcome, next step is CFC for inclusion in the draft.

> I really do think it’s important, very important to include the text I originally had alerting that stress triggers psychosis, even little minor computer problem stress.

I understand that small stresses can build up and trigger symptoms including (but I assume not limited to) psychosis. However, whether someone has to re-input data is only ever going to be a contributor, not a direct cause.

If we include that in the understanding document for one SC we are implying it is a direct cause and, according to the research highlighted, that is not the case.

There are lots of other reasons (including other success criteria!) that might also build up stress when using an interface, and I suspect there are UX factors (like navigation terminology) that could contribute even more.

As something that is broadly applicable and important, I would have thought that the COGA documentation would be a good place for that, perhaps linked to from the higher-level material at WAI? E.g. from

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