RE: WCAG 2.2 status - Visual indicators

HI Alastair, yes, it would be inconsistent with the override but would pass.   I think that’s an acceptable way to keep the proposed SC from not be accepted although we might have to figure out what requirements the author supplied one must look like – which is the thorny situation to cover as we don’t know the different types of controls and thus this takes us full circle back to the concerns raised over mandating a specific affordance for patterns which can take many forms.


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Hi Jon,

> if the sample styling isn’t displayed when applied then it can pass by providing it itself directly or via some mechanism like toggle.

So by sample styling, you mean the user’s CSS override? (Done by pluggin or whatever).

My assumption is that the user’s styling would (or at least could) vary between people. It was yellow & black in my case, but could be different for other people.

However, what the site could provide for custom controls could not vary between people, even with a toggle mechanism.

The control is providing a visual affordance, but not one that matches my pluggin.

It doesn’t fail (as it stands), but it would be an inconsistent experience for users.


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