Re: Vertical vs. horizontal scrolling on a mobile device

On 28/03/2019 18:36, Mike Elledge wrote:

> When is horizontal scrolling more accessible than vertical scrolling on 
> a *mobile device*? Always? Never? Sometimes?

I would argue (though can't back this up with any hard user research) 
that for users who can operate a touchscreen, horizontal scrolling (as 
long as it's not required to read over-long lines of content - so to 
flick between carousel slides that are never wider than the viewport 
width) is a lot more natural and easy to do (particularly on a 
smartphone in portrait mode) than on a desktop.

> I know that horizontal scrolling on a desktop is to be avoided, but 
> horizontal scrolling seems to be, from a design standpoint, acceptable 
> on a mobile device, to limit the length of page.

Assuming you  mean "to be avoided" in the context of 1.4.10 Reflow, 
there's probably some more nuance here (see, but I'd say it's a valid 
differentiation to make even on desktop). But yes, on a high level, 
horizontal scrolling is more unusual on desktop, and not that great 
since it can't be done easily/quickly just with a scrollwheel on a 
mouse, for instance.

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