Re: WCAG 2.2 - tightened requirements approach

Hi Jon,

One of the things further down my email was that the understanding doc for 2.4.7 (if kept as-is) would be almost empty, or conflict with the new SC. That’s the downside I’d like to avoid from options 1 or 2.

You wrote:
> For the sake of making understanding documents the same across versions of WCAG 2.x I would not recommend option 3.  Option 2 has little impact but semantics seems most correct.

We currently have the same understanding documents and techniques regardless of version. I.e. they are currently version-less (*).

Something I’ve suggested to Andrew & Michael (but it’s not decided) is to have meta-data in the techniques to say which version of WCAG that technique is valid for, and include a banner to that effect if the technique is not valid across all versions. That might be the case for G165 in future.

I think what we’d need to do in the understanding document would be to add a short section on previous versions, e.g:

WCAG 2.0 & 2.1
This success criterion was modified in WCAG 2.2 to add the size and contrast requirements. In previous versions of WCAG any visible indicator was conformant.

Techniques only valid for previous versions of WCAG:

  *   G165 - Using default focus styles (sufficient)


*) There are old versions of WCAG 2.0 docs there at the moment, but the plan is to forward those to the new versions and just have one set of docs.

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