WCAG 2.2 - drafting

Hi everyone,

This is a short overview of the drafting process we've just started, confirming what was discussed in the call yesterday.

The process is flexible, but as an example here is my approach as 'primary' for an SC:

  *   Email around the SC team. The names in the spreadsheet, email addresses are usually available on the list if you search your email. (Let me know if you need an address.)
I just did that and I've I copied it below.

  *   Start with the template and fill in the first few sections (at least the SC text and plain English explanation)

  *   Email around the team with that initial draft, give people a chance to digest and form comments.

  *   Arrange an online call. Within each team there is bound to be someone who has WebEx, Zoom, Gotomeeting or an equivalent. If not, let me know and we can sort something out. Doodle.com is useful for arranging times.

  *   Iterate, expand on the sections, find examples, write the test procedure etc. Keep in mind the acceptance criteria, that is the yardstick for review later.

That iteration process should be in collaboration with the team, and if you use Google docs (or Office 365) you should all be able to see & edit the doc at the same time on a call.

Communication is key and we're trusting people in the teams to be professional, respect each other's skills and perspectives, and to work independently of the working group & TFs for this part of the WCAG 2.2 development. Also, please don't leave it all to the person down as 'primary', anyone can write sections, organise calls etc.

If you have any questions please let me know, and if they are relevant to others then on-list is fine.



Example kick-off email
From: Alastair Campbell

Hi everyone,

I'm down as the primary drafter for 'focus (more) visible', you are each down as collaborators.

I'll aim to get something together by next Tuesday, based on the previous work done as part of non-text contrast.

My first thought is to see if it could neatly extend the current focus visible, or requires a new SC. Doing the drafting should make that clear.

I'll email around as soon as I have a draft of the top couple of sections of the template (SC language, plain English explanation).

Kind regards,



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