Re: SC 1.3.4 - Understanding doc update

AWK wrote:
The site shows one example of this, but doesn’t cover all HTML autocomplete attribute values though.

AC: I think it uses the coga or aui attribute though?  Not to be picky, but if the implementation sites we have use the autocomplete attribute, that won’t match the a11y-resources UA. It’s an easy(ish) change, but would need to be made soon, I assume?

AWK: Yes, it would need to be made soon.

AWK: I don’t agree on calling it “autocomplete” as that is tied to the attribute name for HTML and we hope to not only allow other attributes at some point in HTML but also other technologies.

AC: Fair enough, happy to change it.

AWK: I also am not thrilled with the idea of relegating this SC to “input assistance”, even though this is part of the benefit it isn’t everything, and it is paired with 1.3.5 which is not about input assistance at all.

AC: For the current SC, the input assistance is the primary thing, as it is the benefit we can show now.

AWK: That is entirely TBD. Right now we don’t have full implementations with input assistance as the primary thing or full implementations with personalization as the primary thing, so I’m basing my view that this is primarily based on personalization because that is where it came from and because of the 1.3.5 that it is associated with being focused on that. I think that it will be hard to talk about 1.3.5 being an expansion of 1.3.4 if it is in a different GL.


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