Re: SC 1.3.4 - Understanding doc update

(Do I need to say “Chair hat off” for these things now? If so, it’s off.)
AWK: Ditto.

Does 1.3.4 support personalisation?
Katie picked up on Lisa’s response of “No” last week, and without wanting to put words in Lisa’s mouth, I think the nuanced answer is ‘not in a way that looks anything like what was hoped for’.

AWK: That is good to hear and meshes more with my understanding of what this SC can promote.

Partly that is because these tokens would represent about 5-10% (rough-guess) of what would be provided by the personalisation spec, so in that way this SC does not represent personalisation.

AWK: Right, but it is a step in a positive direction.

Technically yes, the attributes added could be used to add icons, however, today (for implementations) we don’t have two user-agents (or two sites) that add icons based on autocomplete  tokens.

AWK: The site shows one example of this, but doesn’t cover all HTML autocomplete attribute values though.

My proposed update (initial draft) is here:

(And in github: )

AWK: Thanks for the work on this Alastair.

I agree with Katie that it should be moved to 3.3, and call it something else. Autocomplete, input assistance, I don’t have strong feelings about that.
AWK: I don’t agree on calling it “autocomplete” as that is tied to the attribute name for HTML and we hope to not only allow other attributes at some point in HTML but also other technologies. I also am not thrilled with the idea of relegating this SC to “input assistance”, even though this is part of the benefit it isn’t everything, and it is paired with 1.3.5 which is not about input assistance at all.

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