Re: Alastair Campbell appointed co-chair of AG WG

Congrats Alastair!!   I'm sure you'll do great in the role - and you'll be
a relief to Andrew and Josh in lifting some of the load.


On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 7:38 AM, Michael Cooper <> wrote:

> It has just been announced to the Advisory Committee and chairs that
> Alastair Campbell has been appointed co-chair of the Accessibility
> Guidelines Working Group. He joins Andrew and Josh in the role, and will
> help expand chairing capacity to manage the huge amount of work we have.
> Many people in the Working Group have come to value Alastair for his
> ability to understand complex issues deeply, and to communicate his
> insights clearly. He has recently been working with the Cognitive and
> Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force to help them address
> feedback from the Working Group, and to help represent their knowledge to
> the WG. His appointment as chair will increase that particular liaison, and
> will help the chairs collectively to interface with the task forces more.
> He will help manage the process of completing WCAG 2.1, and have a role as
> we all decide what follows the WCAG 2.1 work.
> We believe the AG WG has become busy enough and large enough that three
> chairs are now needed, so am glad Alastair was able to take that on. With
> more chairs, there is likely to be more specialization of their roles,
> which will evolve over the upcoming months. For now, I hope you all will
> join me in congratulating him on this appointment.
> There is time on today's agenda for people to share thoughts or ask
> questions related to this. By the way, chairs are normally too busy with
> chairing tasks to scribe calls, so this does mean we lose one of our
> permascribes. Please, everybody else pitch in to help out!
> Michael

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