Re: Alastair Campbell appointed co-chair of AG WG

Thanks everyone,

I still feel like a newbie, but hopefully I can help relieve some pressure from Andrew & Josh without too much additional grey hair of my own!



(And ironically I have to leave the call early today due to a (hopefully very minor) hospital appointment.)

From:        Michael Cooper

It has just been announced to the Advisory Committee and chairs that
Alastair Campbell has been appointed co-chair of the Accessibility
Guidelines Working Group. He joins Andrew and Josh in the role, and will
help expand chairing capacity to manage the huge amount of work we have.

Many people in the Working Group have come to value Alastair for his
ability to understand complex issues deeply, and to communicate his
insights clearly. He has recently been working with the Cognitive and
Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force to help them address
feedback from the Working Group, and to help represent their knowledge
to the WG. His appointment as chair will increase that particular
liaison, and will help the chairs collectively to interface with the
task forces more. He will help manage the process of completing WCAG
2.1, and have a role as we all decide what follows the WCAG 2.1 work.

We believe the AG WG has become busy enough and large enough that three
chairs are now needed, so am glad Alastair was able to take that on.
With more chairs, there is likely to be more specialization of their
roles, which will evolve over the upcoming months. For now, I hope you
all will join me in congratulating him on this appointment.

There is time on today's agenda for people to share thoughts or ask
questions related to this. By the way, chairs are normally too busy with
chairing tasks to scribe calls, so this does mean we lose one of our
permascribes. Please, everybody else pitch in to help out!


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