Re: Any user testing of WCAG 2.1 at CSUN

Hi Alan,

>  is there any effort to have actual users with disabilities who may be attending CSUN queried on whether the new SCs in WCAG 2.1 will in fact meet the needs of those they are intended for?

I suspect that no site will ‘meet the needs’ of everyone, it would be a case of how much does it improve the access & experience for people with particular needs.

Therefore there are two possible approaches to this question:

  1.  Research into what change the success criteria have made to websites, and what difference that makes to people (difficult before sites start updating to meet them).

  2.  Demos of what impact the changes based on meeting the success criteria have.

The second approach (demos) is a lot easier to do, in revising our site I could probably provide examples for reflow & content-on-hover because those were two new issues that we are changing the site in order to meet the new SC.

If you mean are we trying to do the research approach, that’s a lot of prep to find particular sites with issues affected by 2.1-only criteria… it would be easier after sites start trying to meet it.


Received on Thursday, 22 February 2018 13:17:26 UTC