Silver Progress Update for 4th Quarter 2017 to present

The Silver Task Force would like to update  the Accessibility Guidelines 
Working Group on its progress from Q4 2017 to date.

Executive Summary:

  * Participation in Silver Task Force and Silver Community Group has
    been growing. There are currently 71 members in the Silver Community
  * Literature Review project is writing its findings. The first paper
    will be on Conformance.
  * Legacy Interview project and the Conformance Interview project are
    in process.
  * The survey of the usability of the individual WCAG 2.0 success
    criteria has the data complete and analysis is in process.
  * Audience feedback from 3 Silver presentations is in the process of
    data analysis.
  * A Conformance Survey is in process.
  * Four Research Partners have concluded their work.
  * Job Stories have been written for each of the 31 Silver stakeholder
    roles. These will be used to evaluate Silver designs.
    Problem Statements have been written for three key areas:
    Conformance, Usability, and Maintenance. These will be used for
    creating solutions at the Design Sprint.
  * A Design Sprint has been scheduled for March 19 & 20 at San Diego
    State University. Experts in different areas have been invited. A
    expert moderator will be leading the Design Sprint. The purpose of
    the Design Sprint is to develop prototypes of Silver designs based
    on the research.

Details are on the Silver Progress Updates wiki page at:

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