Re: Could we add "Persona Quotes" as a standard part of the Understanding Documents for WCAG 2.1?

>  What do y'all think of the possibility of adding a new piece to WCAG 2.1 Understanding docs...called...."Persona Quotes".

That’s a great idea, we should.

It does occur to me that there is a lot of overlap with the current ‘benefits’ section, so I suggest it is used instead. In new ‘understanding’ docs we use persona quotes, but leave the benefits for 2.0 ones (unless someone really wants to update them all?)

It feels like it should be a sub-section of ‘Intent’, so you have a paragraph or two of the intent, then the quote, then carry on.

To be honest, I’m really struggling with the structure for non-text contrast understanding because the SC covers two different cases, so my Intent is already divided in two, each with sub-sections:

In this case the quote(s) would fit nicely under the top of the Intent, above the sub-sections.



Received on Thursday, 1 February 2018 08:59:21 UTC