Re: CFC - Transition UPDATED WCAG 2.1 Editor's Draft to Candidate Recommendation

The critical phrases are: "may be necessary to pursue", and: "possibly 
    on the horizon". I understand why things were phrased that way, but the 
    result is that there was no concrete commitment to 2.2, and so people 
    weren't sure they could count on it.

AWK: I believe that the WG was very clear that we were switching to a regular cadence, so people can count on another update, even if the decision as to whether it is WCAG 2.2 or Silver couldn’t be made.
On balance, I think that our current course this will prove to be the 
    best one we could have chosen.
    I think it was the right choice too. I also acknowledge it was never 
    going to be an easy thing to accomplish, and I think you and Josh have 
    done an admirable job of steering the WG through these choppy waters.
AWK: Much appreciated, and your comments and support are appreciated now as they have been throughout this process to date.


Received on Friday, 26 January 2018 22:08:49 UTC