Re: Ability to revisit/edit things from previous versions (was Re: Trying to be clear - was making the draft for CR accurate)

LĂ©onie Watson wrote:
>> This is one of my concerns going forward as well. A few times in our 
>> 2.1 work we've had situations where editing or 
>> expanding/narrowing/clarifying the scope of existing 2.0 content 
>> (SCs, normative text) would have been ideal...but instead we were 
>> only allowed to add, never subtract/touch existing material.
> I think this was perhaps the most incomprehensible decision made 
> during 2.1. It should be possible to conform to the present version, 
> the previous version, or even the original version if you really want 
> to, but the notion that in order to conform to 2.1 you have to conform 
> to 2.0,  puts a serious obstacle in the way of progress IMO. 
The mantra is that WCAG 2.0 is a stable standard and just does not 
change, now and forever Amen.
However, I do agree that just changing existing SC _would_ have been 
preferable (in some cases) but between the jigs and reels, this was not 
possible for 2.1.

Joshue O Connor
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