Ability to revisit/edit things from previous versions (was Re: Trying to be clear - was making the draft for CR accurate)

On 26/01/2018 15:25, Abma, J.D. (Jake) wrote:
> John /all,
> Agile is a great approach where you have lots of opportunity to adjust 
> in time if necessary.
> But is it possible to adjust 2.0 SCs (not so far as I know) or later on 
> 2.1 SCs (probably also not…?!).

This is one of my concerns going forward as well. A few times in our 2.1 
work we've had situations where editing or 
expanding/narrowing/clarifying the scope of existing 2.0 content (SCs, 
normative text) would have been ideal...but instead we were only allowed 
to add, never subtract/touch existing material.

Spackling more and more stuff on top only works up to a point.

I know the main reason here is backwards compatibility, but as the 
various versions are, well, versioned, that shouldn't be too 
problematic? Particularly when things from the previous version are 
*expanded* to cover more things? (And yes, I know we've been over this 
many times, with different pros and cons, but this will only get worse 
as versions progress).

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