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On 23/01/2018 4:59 AM, Alastair Campbell wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Hopefully relevant to anyone updating understanding docs, should we be 
> doing that on particular branches post CR version?
My expectation is we'll continue to use the working branches having the 
same name as the success criterion to work on Understanding. After 
merging them in their current state into master for publication, I will 
"back-merge" from the master branch into these branches so they're 
current and essentially "clean" for new edits. In cases where the 
success criterion has been renamed, the working branch would be renamed 
as well - or actually, deleted and a new one created with the new name.

WG participants can continue to edit in these working branches directly. 
If you are making a proposal that needs review first, or for which you 
want to avoid overlapping edits with others working on the given 
Understanding doc, you should work in a proposal branch. Create that 
branch off the appropriate working branch, *not* off master, as master 
is likely to be out of date and this would cause confusion and merge 
conflicts later. While WG participants can also work off forks (private 
copies of the wcag21 repository), I do not recommend this - it is hard 
to keep forks up to date which can lead to massive conflicts with other 
work when trying to incorporate into the main repo, and if there are 
problems in the fork nobody can help you.
> I’ve a few changes on a local branch, but I didn’t want to disrupt the 
> drafting process.
I haven't yet merged the current status of these working branches into 
the master branch for publication, but expect to do so this week. I plan 
to do the "back-merge" soon after the CR publication brouhaha finishes.

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> -Alastair
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