RE: Reflow and aspect ratio

Hi John,

I’m really struggling to follow your logic:
> I remain disappointed that the vertical and width values do not maintain any kind of aspect ratio, and suggesting that this is primarily intended for "desktop" ignores the blurring today between desktop, laptop and mobile form factors.

Suggesting this is primarily for desktop is because desktop/laptop browsers reflow when zooming.

Even the ‘blurry’ devices like large iPads use the ‘mobile’ zoom method, i.e. do not reflow. I think the touch-screen windows devices are the only really blurry ones as they allow for both zoom+reflow, and magnification style pinch-zoom. But even there, the person has the choice to use the reflow method (cntl +), and the aspect ratio on that device is pretty standard.

I had left the size for horizontally scrolling the same, 320px, thinking both that vertical writing mode is very rare, and it was simpler.

Makoto made the point that the logic doesn’t stack up, if you zoom to 400% then the available height is going to be less, as the vast majority of (reflowable) viewports are landscape.

You suggested 400px on github, but that would mean that you think people reading vertical text typically have a 1600 by 1280px screen?

> Any screen that supports "pinch-to-zoom" will do so proportionally, respecting the H/W ratio. (i.e. you cannot decrease the usable width without also decreasing the usable height, in either landscape or portrait modes)

But they don’t reflow, so that point is not relevant.



Received on Thursday, 18 January 2018 21:26:11 UTC