Re: Target size proposal

Is there the opportunity hear to expand, making it clear that having 
    some form of setting (either as a switch in the page itself, or in some 
    configuration/setup of the site) for the user to actively change targets 
    to be "touch friendly" or similar also counts as equivalent? Or is this 
    perhaps something that can be added to understanding? If I, as a user, 
    actively select "make this site touch friendly" somehow and the same 
    links and controls are now styled larger, does it count as equivalent 
    (as it's the same link/control, just changed/adapted)?

You can already do this for any SC – provide a conforming alternate version. The alternate would need to fully meet all of the SC, but if this is the only change needed on an otherwise conforming site this is a possibility.

Received on Wednesday, 17 January 2018 00:03:12 UTC