Re: viewport/browser window size does not imply presence/lack of touch input...

On 16/01/2018 22:12, David MacDonald wrote:

> And there is already a requirement to zoom so any 
> site that didn't have zoom would fail elsewhere... I think the idea is 
> that this SC can help people with mild dexterity inaccuracies, and for 
> those who need 100px (such as many in studies) they would fall back to zoom.

Users who need that large of a target size (noting as an aside that the 
studies we looked a year or so ago all related not to web content, but 
to very specific setups such as ATM-style interactions, and most of them 
were very vague about the actual resolution and physical size of the 
touchscreens users were tested on) would also need their entire OS to 
already be zoomed/adapted to that effect, and likely using screen 
magnifiers (or, if settable, low resolution).

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