Proposal for: Animation from Interactions

Hi everyone, and especially Patrick and Greg,

The key thing to resolve for this one is whether it applies only to motion based animation, or more widely.

Just before Christmas, the SC was widened to include more, this was (AFAICT) mostly from Greg, and triggered from a word in the understanding doc [2], "distraction". The history of the file is all there [3], I think it's an unfortunate impression as it's one mention in a short doc.

For me, the balance is that whilst there might be some benefit to widening the SC, it also removes all animation (from interactions), rather than the ones we know can impact people. (I'm sure some animations don't bother people with cognitive issues, but the point would be that we don't know where that line is.)

Therefore I propose to accept the changes from issue 697, so the updated text would refer to 'motion animations':
"Motion animation triggered by user interaction can be disabled, unless  the animation is essential to the functionality or the information being conveyed."

Which are defined as:
"Motion animation: addition of steps between states to create the illusion of movement and/or to give a sense of movement.
For example, an element which moves into place or changes size while appearing is considered to be animated. An element which appears instantly in one frame is not using animation. Motion animation does not include changes of color, blurring or opacity.”

Hopefully that can be agreed asap? Seems a shame to loose for this reason.



Received on Tuesday, 16 January 2018 22:15:53 UTC