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> That is the way device sensors *will* be used, and there is nothing wrong with
> that - as long as authors provide alternatives. That is why I have suggested (a
> while ago) the following text:
> "Provide alternatives for user input via device sensors."
[Jason] However, 2.1.1 already requires such alternatives - "all functionality of the content" could hardly be clearer in its generality.

The proposal currently in the draft calls for UI components corresponding to functionality operated by device or user motion, which isn't quite the same as requiring operability via a keyboard/keyboard interface. It doesn't require the UI components to be operable via a pointing device or touch input (one could create a UI component with only a keyboard interface and nevertheless conform), but supporting multiple input mechanisms is what I would expect authors to do, even though it isn't strictly required of them under the proposal. Also, the UI component would be "visible" and available to assistive technologies - not just a keyboard shortcut hidden away somewhere.

Thus, it seems there is some value to be gained by the proposal as currently formulated.


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