[For Review] 2.1 Updates to How to Meet WCAG 2 (Quickref)


We've updated the How to Meet WCAG 2 (Quickref) tool to include 2.1. The goal is to have one tool that meets multiple user needs -- including people who only want 2.0, people who want only what's new in 2.1, etc.

Prototype is here:

* In the Filter tab, added "WCAG Version" dropdown with options: “WCAG 2.1”, “WCAG 2.0”, “Only Success Criteria added in 2.1”
* In the "Selected Filters:" (yellow box), added indication of which version is selected: “WCAG 2.1”, “WCAG 2.0”, "Only what’s added in WCAG 2.1"
* In the "About" section, added link to WCAG 2.1 TR, and unlinked Techniques and Understanding.
* Changed some links from 2.0 to 2.1.
* Included with 2.1 SCs "(Added in 2.1)" after the Level

(Note that the prototype doesn't include the 2.1 Techniques yet, and will when released.)

We plan on making this live with the 2.1 publication.

We could tweak it later, although it's better to get any changes in now before people use it.
If you have any significant concerns or changes, please open GitHub issue asap, preferably by Monday morning.

~Shawn & Eric

Received on Friday, 1 June 2018 17:08:27 UTC