[for review] WCAG 2.1 at a Glance changes

Hi EOWG and AG WG folks,

We currently have a resource called "WCAG 2.0 at a Glance" at:
It is a "paraphrased summary" of WCAG. Note that the bullets are intentionally *as short as feasible* -- we wanted it to fit on a business-card-size card.

<For Review>:

For 2.1, I propose these changes:
* "Do not use content that causes seizures."
-> "Do not use content that causes seizures or physical reactions."
* Add: "Make it easier to use inputs other than keyboard".

</end for review -- that was short ;->

(Here's the Diff: <https://github.com/w3c/wai-intro-wcag/pull/17/files>)

If you have any comments, please file a GitHub issue *by Thursday 31 May* 16:00 UTC / 12:00 ET:

When 2.1 is published, the current plan is:
* All main links will go to WCAG 2.1 at a Glance -- including links in the nav and throughout the main content.
* WCAG 2.0 at a Glance will be available "in the archive". It will be linked from the Archived pages list in the sitemap, and linked from the WCAG 2.1 at a Glance pages, as shown in the Diff above.

Let me know if any questions.


Received on Tuesday, 29 May 2018 00:02:56 UTC