Re: Could we add "Persona Quotes" as a standard part of the Understanding Documents for WCAG 2.1?

Thanks, Laura. From the last call, we will be holding off on the 
simplification callouts for now, since they are easy to add later.

I was just relooking at Non-Text Contrast for a different reason, and I 
found that the persona material appearing in the Intent section was pretty 
disruptive to the reading. It didn't fit narratively. I'm concerned with 
dropping them into something that is already edited and designed to flow 
naturally from Intent to other sections.

I thought we were going to put those at in the Benefits section. I would 
advocate that we at least try one there to see if the flow is better.

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From:   Laura Carlson <>
To:     Michael Gower <>
Cc:     Andrew Kirkpatrick <>, Glenda Sims 
<>, Joshue O Connor <>, WCAG 
Date:   2018-04-26 05:44 AM
Subject:        Re: Could we add "Persona Quotes" as a standard part of 
the  Understanding Documents for WCAG 2.1?

Hi Michael,

Love your summaries and Alastair's idea of how they might be incorporated.

Kindest Regards,

On 4/24/18, Alastair Campbell <> wrote:
> Hi Michael, (and everyone, question at the end)
> Just to pick up the conversation after the call, where you said:
>> The advantages are obvious: the reader gains an immediate understanding 
>> what they doing (mine) and why (Glenda's), which is often not the case
>> from the SC language.
> For consistency with the 2.0 docs I think your suggested summary 
> make sense as the first sentence if you pre-pend them with "The intent 
> this Success Criterion (SC) is to..."
> It would be a useful "polishing" exercise once we've got the major 
> & reviews done, I'd rather not interrupt that momentum by making changes
> across the various branches just yet.
> I've added an issue for tracking, all going well, something to tackle 
> week:


Laura L. Carlson

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