Understanding format updated

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on cleaning up the 
presentation of the Understanding documents for WCAG 2.1, which up to 
now have been in vanilla HTML. It's involved creating a generator, using 
the very politically incorrect language XSLT because it's the language I 
know for manipulating multiple HTML files. This is in the wcag21 
repository, but automatic generation is not yet turned on. Until that 
happens, I'll do manual snapshots. I've updated the publication location 
in preparation for the anticipated WCAG 2.1 PR publication:


The styling is a quick borrowing of W3C TR style, combined with elements 
of our previous style for the 2.0 Understanding, and needs some tweaks. 
Other elements addressable by the generator, such as inter-page 
navigation, may also benefit from a look. Let me know if you have 
thoughts about style or structure of these documents.

Because the generator uses XSLT, the Understanding documents must be in 
well-formed XML, or it won't run. Expect me to go through and make 
well-formedness fixes from time to time. I did so for a bunch of 
documents a couple weeks ago.


Received on Friday, 20 April 2018 21:47:30 UTC