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Can we include it as “site specific ID” or something similar?

That could be a credit-card number for a bank, or another ID code.

That is trickier to include from an autofill point of view though, there is not much a site can do to support autofill unless there is a standard attribute for it.

The right place to fix that is in “Contextual Information” though, this one needs to be focused on not requiring certain user-actions.

Regarding PINs, that’s a sort of password, perhaps if a site uses an ID number and PIN (like my bank does as 1st factor) they could be marked as username/password with autofill metadata?

We could add a note to that effect?


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I will add identification number back in
However this does mean that it  would be better to support automatic entry rather then "not block it"

Can you explain the problem again with asking people to support automatic entry for the exception.

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I think you have to have "identification number" in there somewhere. There are a ton of processes in every enterprise I've worked in, as well as government, that require me to enter an employee ID or SIN as my primary identifier. Most banks use a bank card number as a determinant in a 2-factor process.

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Subject:        Re: some questions: : working on re-authentication

Hi Lisa,

(John – question for you below.)

For this:

- authentication process can rely on the user or user-agent entering personal identification information such as name, username, password, and email address if the web content consistently supports automatic entry.

> Automatic entry of user information can not work because autocomplete and the name is not set . It is not quite blocking the user agent rather they are not supported.

If the username/password (or other) inputs pass 1.3.1. (info & relationships) and 4.1.2 (role/name/value) then user-agents currently support automatic entry unless the site actively blocks it.

Also, there would also be overlap with the new SC that requires the autofill attributes, which I think includes username and current-password? (JF– have they been kept in the list?)

Therefore, I would like to revert that change to avoid overlap with other SCs.

> Also if transcribe follows the dictionary definition we can just clarify what we mean in the understanding section. Is that Ok?

I think that would be best.



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