Re: some questions: : working on re-authentication

Hi Lisa,

(John – question for you below.)

For this:

- authentication process can rely on the user or user-agent entering personal identification information such as name, username, password, and email address if the web content consistently supports automatic entry.

> Automatic entry of user information can not work because autocomplete and the name is not set . It is not quite blocking the user agent rather they are not supported.

If the username/password (or other) inputs pass 1.3.1. (info & relationships) and 4.1.2 (role/name/value) then user-agents currently support automatic entry unless the site actively blocks it.

Also, there would also be overlap with the new SC that requires the autofill attributes, which I think includes username and current-password? (JF – have they been kept in the list?)

Therefore, I would like to revert that change to avoid overlap with other SCs.

> Also if transcribe follows the dictionary definition we can just clarify what we mean in the understanding section. Is that Ok?

I think that would be best.



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