Re: wording for interruptions

There are a few things that concern me regarding the Interruptions SC. I
think the inclusion of "changes in content" to the SC makes if fairly
broad. If more content is added to the bottom of a news feed, is that a
failure?"  At the very least we need to make it clear that "user initiated"
includes *any* change that results from *any* user action.

Also, I think we should ensure there is an exemption for overlays that
happen on page load.

Another thing we have to weigh when we think about adoption of the standard
is that many commercial sites rely on directing the user to products that
they are trying to sell by using interruptions (overlays etc..)  For
instance, directing a customer to sign up for an email list is a huge part
of modern commerce.

And also that in the sufficient techniques document, include a technique to
use an interruption that doesn't override conventional popup blockers.

Perhaps a failure of it would be "using an overlay not initiated by the
user that overrides popup blockers..." or something like that.

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On Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 2:48 PM, lisa.seeman <> wrote:

> Hi Folks
> we have better wording suggested at  at
> wiki/2.2.7_Revision It seems to address the comments we received on this
> issue. Does anyone have an objection to it?
> I added  " contextual help overlay" to the list of exclusions to address
> an additional comment.
> "A mechanism is available to postpone and suppress unnecessary
> interruptions and changes in content, unless they are initiated by the user
> or involve an emergency.
> Definition: Unnecessary interruptions: Secondary information, pop-ups,
> overlays or actions that are not part of the workflow sequence or the key
> purpose of the application. Note: Error, success, and warning messages; a
> contextual help overlay; timeout notifications, live updates when the
> purpose of the application is monitoring are not unnecessary interruptions".
> I have also put comments into all of the comments from Mike's link ,
> hopefully they are all now addressed with the new wording.
> All the best
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