Important - changes to branches for renamed SC

In order to reduce confusion I have renamed branches related to SC that 
were renamed. If you are working in one of the following branches, you 
will need to start working in the new branch now:

  * device-sensors to motion-actuation
  * purpose-of-controls to identify-common-purpose
  * accidental-activation to pointer-cancellation
  * zoom-content to reflow
  * change-of-content to status-changes
  * adapting-text to text-spacing

All edits from the old branch are still there in the new branch.

If you have been working on a clone of the repository on your local 
machine, the old branch will still be there, so please be extra careful 
to start using the new branch. If you have edits that hadn't been pushed 
to the server yet, you should merge them into the new branch - contact 
me off list if you need instructions. Then you should delete the branch 
from your local clone - contact me off list if you need more guidance on 
branch cleanup.

The pointers to the new editing locations are updated in the wiki page 
of accepted SC:

At some point I will try to clean things up further, make sure the 
branches are in sync, etc. to help avoid future merge conflicts. This 
will be a bit of a task, and I may contact individuals to ask about 
status of specific work.


Received on Thursday, 7 December 2017 20:25:08 UTC