Re: we can not change the scope for purpose of controls

Hi Lisa,

I think the effect you are looking for is the other way around.

I assume the desired effect is for the person filling in the form in to have their details appear automatically?

If so the purpose is “the user’s email”, and that would be fulfilled with something like:
<input type="email" name="email" autocomplete="email">

If the purpose was the general “an email” field (anyones), you would have to apply that to all the fields, so on a form with multiple email fields all of them would be filled in.

I.e. what we want is for people to not apply autocomplete="email" to fields which are not for the user of the form.

For example, I created a ‘family registration’ form a while ago, so you’d fill in your details (name / email / password), and then again for each family member.

I don’t think it would be helpful to have all of them filled in with your details (which is what your browser would save).


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Hi Folks

On the call yesterday there was a request to add scope of "the user" to the list items in the purpose of controls .

This is a problem because we want people to be able to use autocomplete. If we are very specific in a scope that does not apply to the autocomplete specification there may be a problem with people using that specification to conform.
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