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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but this is under the new pointer guideline and has always been scoped purely around enabling users to get out of common pointer accidents, so I think the stuff mentioned below is out of scope here.

That said, I'd agree on maybe a better handle.  I don't think "activation" is necessary, so how about either "Pointer Accidents" or, more to the point (no pun intended), "Pointer Cancellation".


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As the SC is (due to its "up" and "down" language) specific to pointer inputs, would it perhaps make sense to expand the SC's short name to "Accidental Pointer Activation"?

Or is the intention to also cover situations like an action triggering (not necessarily a change of context, but think for instance a background task such as adding something to a shopping basket) on focus or on change?


On 28/11/2017 20:05, Repsher, Stephen J wrote:
> For SC Accidental Activation, I came up with an extra bullet  which I 
> think addresses the concern at the end of today’s call.  Here’s the 
> current proposal in full:
> For functionality which can be operated using a single pointer, at 
> least one of the following is true:
> ·*No Down-Event*: The down-event of the pointer is not used to execute 
> any part of the function;
> ·*Abort or Undo*: Completion of the function is on the up-event, and a 
> mechanism is available to abort the function before completion or undo 
> the function after completion;
> ·*Up Reversal*: The up-event reverses any outcome of the preceding 
> down-event;
> ·*Essential*: Completing the function on the down-event is essential.
> With glossary links for functionality, mechanism, up/down-event, and 
> single pointer all as is in the current draft, except that we simply 
> delete the word “activation”.
> In very plain language:
> ·No Down-Event – applicable to single click, double click, etc. where 
> I can abort after any down-event  by moving pointer away
> ·Abort or Undo – applicable to outcomes completed via up-event, but 
> need to use down-event, such as drag and drop, gestures, or long press
> ·Up Reversal = Covers situation on today’s call where up cancels the 
> effect of down, so user can’t accidentally do anything.
> ·Essential – Covers stuff like games as explained in understanding.
> Any issues?  Looks good?
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