RE: Steve's concerns on Orientation

Hi David,

I’m not sure how this could end up being a restriction without the author using an API or CSS to do it explicitly.  In the absence of that, it’s just a different viewport width and height, so if that breaks the content the author has bigger problems.

In the case of other freakish reasons where that might be true, it seems like the user agent would be to blame.


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I can live with Steve's wording.

I'm a little concerned that there could be situations where an author did not restrict the content in any specific intentional way, but nevertheless it doesn't work in say, landscape orientation.

Is there a distinction between "restrict" from "plain old doesn't work on orientation x"?

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Current CFC language:

  *   A mechanism is available to view and operate content in portrait and landscape orientation, except where a specific display orientation is essential.

The issue that Steve is raising is that this creates testing problems for content developed for or even just tested with devices that don’t do this orientation changing. We tried to cover this with “essential” by indicating that “Document that "essential" includes limitations of hardware, implementation (e.g. kiosk, seatback displays)” but we shouldn’t have done that because that changes essential from having to do with the content and putting it on the devices/UA.

Steve’s suggestion is as follows:

  *   Content does not restrict its view and operation to only portrait or landscape orientation, unless a specific display orientation is essential.
[Jason] Perhaps changing “only” to “either” would clarify that the proposal isn’t requiring content to be operable in orientations other than portrait and landscape.


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