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We spent 30 minutes getting people on the call updated on what has gone on with the SC. John has spent a lot of time thinking about this and working on it and we wanted to bring others up to speed. I disagree that this is ineffective to discuss this when you are not around, but we certainly cannot discuss it only when you are not around.


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I think it is very ineffective to have discussions on issues like the purpose of controls when I am not present. The main issue is implementation and I needed to update the WG with what implementations are available and the state and time table of the personalization task force.

The personalization specification will publish the next draft in December as a vocabulary. That means it can be used in microdata from that point on. We are also on track to have five implementations before we leave CR.

Therefore I think the best idea is to put any aspect/ term that does not currently have support implementations labelled at risk pending implementation support and exactly what that support needs to be to have the at-risk removed. That way we have no risk that anything will be included without adequate support and implementation and we will also not remove user support where we did not need to.

I have a lot of the relevant information and draft responses in a google doc<> I thnk between johns analysis (in the document ) and my examples we can see what is at risk.

If this is acceptable then I suggest john and I (and anyone else who wants)  write the new draft marking what is at risk.

I am available for the call tomorrow and all of the Tuesday call.

All the best

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AGWGer’s – In order to make progress to keep on schedule, we need to find more time to meet. All discussions will require CFC’s, so it is ok if not everyone can make each one.How about: Monday, November 13: 10-12 Eastern timeTuesday, November 14: regular meeting timeWednesday, November 15: 2-4 Eastern timeThursday, November 16: 11:30-1 Eastern time (reclaiming the 30 minutes)Friday, November 17: 11-1 Eastern time, 3-5pm Eastern timePlease respond with which times you CAN make, and if we have enough people we will.Thanks,AWKAndrew KirkpatrickGroup Product Manager, AccessibilityAdobe<><>

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