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Hi Bruce,

Based on previous comments that we worked around, I can see a few issues:

  *   It would need to be the "visual indicators of user interface components", otherwise the button/input itself must have contrast (I'm not actually sure what bit within a control would need the contrast?).

  *   'Provided' doesn't cover the same scope as 'required for understanding', and without that graphics/icons with text next to them would be in scope (and shouldn't be). There isn't a concept in WCAG 2.0 for what we need here.

  *   We have some examples of things I don't think fit into the exceptions and need an 'essential' exception: Gradient graphs (like heat maps) where the colour is mapped to a scale and smoothly transitions. Also, medical tests / diagrams where it has to be certain colours to match reality, and screenshots where changing it would then not represent the thing you've copied.
Note that I had also started with 1.4.3 & 1.1.1 exceptions (possibly at your suggestion?) and then iterated to what we had pre-TPAC.

I also went over the comments and came to this version, leaning more on the essential exception and assuming lots of examples in the understanding:

The visual presentation of non-text content has a contrast ratio of at least 3:1 against adjacent color(s) for each of the following

- Controls: Focus indicators, and visual information used to indicate state for active user interface components
- Graphical objects: Parts of graphics required to understand the content

Except when a particular presentation of the graphic is essential to the information being conveyed.



From: Bailey, Bruce

I do not expect to make the call tomorrow.  I took a stab at 1.4.11 and put it into the discussion tab on the wiki page for the comment summary on 1.4.11.

I closely tracked 1.4.3, substituting "non-text content" for "text and images of text" and added the Sensory exception from 1.1.1.  I used only terms and phrasing that are already in 2.0.  The "provided for understanding and operating" comes from 1.3.3.

Here it is below:

1.4.11 Graphics Contrast:  The visual presentation of focus indicators, user interface components, and parts of non-text content provided for understanding and operating the Web page have a contrast ratio of 3:1, except for the following:  (Level AA)

  *   Incidental: Inactive user interface components, or those that are not visible to anyone, have no contrast requirement;
  *   Logotypes: Non-text content that is part of a logo or brand name has no minimum contrast requirement;
  *   Sensory: Non-text content that is primarily intended to create a specific sensory experience has no minimum contrast requirement.

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