RE: Revert Adapting text language replacing "adapt" with "change"

Really interesting seeing your bookmark as we did a similar thing with line spacing and coloured overlays with  ATbar sometime ago and I think 'change' is the right word as 'adapt' means "to absorb the key implications of a change" .

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Hi Andrew,

How’s this:

alt: Opening the BBC homepage, applying a bookmarklet, the text changes. Repeating on

That’s using the bookmarklet we made for testing, we’re anticipating having an extension that allows more customisability for the user, within those parameters.



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Thanks David.

My concern is that your language isn’t say “by changing all of the following and nothing else” but that seems to be what you are expecting.

It would help me to understand exactly what steps you envision a user would need to follow to achieve the following four items, and provide an example page that shows this working as you envision it.


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