Latest proposal for Candidate Recommendation Exit Criteria

For referencing in the survey:

  1.  At least 5 conforming Web sites 1<> are available, of which

     *   At least four conform at level AA,
     *   At least one conforms at level AAA;

  1.  At least two implementations 2<> exist for each success criterion added in WCAG 2.1 (Success Criteria from WCAG 2.0 do not need new implementations);
  2.  Accessibility support documentation 3<> for SC added to WCAG 2.1 with platform/user agent/assistive technology dependencies is available for at least two technologies with at least four platforms (operating system/user agent/assistive technology combinations);
  3.  All sufficient techniques listed in Understanding WCAG 2.0<> at the end of the Candidate Recommendation period contain test procedures;
  4.  The Working Group has responded formally to all issues raised against this document related to any implementation efforts during the Candidate Recommendation period.

Received on Monday, 30 October 2017 02:52:22 UTC