Re: Is content on hover only a WCAG failure?

On 10/18/2017 10:13 AM, Repsher, Stephen J wrote:
> Hi James,
> Again, let’s extend that logic… Does that mean that if I have 5 
> buttons on the page that perform the same function, I only need to 
> make one of them keyboard accessible?
This is different as, if these look like buttons, they should perform 
the action so I don't think I would recommend someone do this. However, 
I don't think this would fail 2.1.1. I may fail this on 4.1.2 as they 
look like buttons but aren't functioning as one.
> Or, perhaps, you’ve overwhelmed them with anger and annoyance because 
> they can clearly see there’s an icon there to show a tooltip but they 
> have no way of accessing it.  They would need a mouse user to verify 
> the information is repetitive for them.  If the author feels it is 
> beneficial to people without disabilities to provide information 
> multiple times in multiple ways, then why should that benefit not be 
> extended to people with disabilities?  (Sorry, pet peeve of mine when 
> authors claim they know what’s best for my disability).
Just like before if things obviously have a certain function and that 
isn't being exposed I'd look at 4.1.2 for this.

However, the scenario which we need to allow is where there is a much 
larger hit area for the hover than there is for the obviously focusable 
content. An area where I use this a lot is a "panel layout" where there 
is a block of related information which all acts as a "drill-down". I 
generally make the entire block activate for a pointer user as this is 
what the UX people require (and increases the hit area) , but only an 
individual link within it takes keyboard focus - and performs the same 
action.  This allows all users to access the content in a reasonable way.

Making the entire block take focus (which was the original thought of 
the developer) leads to issues where you have to think of a role for it 
(its a region, but those generally aren't focusable as they are not 
widget roles - and the appropriate widget role (button etc.) don't allow 
child content to have roles - and these regions can contain anything.


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