Accessible Name

A proposal was made to strike the wore "Accessible" for "Accessible Name"
in the SC of the same name.

"Where an active control has a visible label, the accessible name for the
control includes the text string used for its visible label.

The rational for this was sound. It was to unify the definition with our
existing overlapping term "name". I'd like to explore another possible way
to reconcile the two. My reason for this is that "Accessible Name" is now
the most common term rather than "name"

Within our charter, I think we can do the following, simply add the word
(accessible name) after the term in the definition. Perhaps Michael can
confirm this.

*name (accessible name)*
     text by which software can identify a component within Web content to
the user

I think it could make the new SC easier to understand which has value.

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