Issue 175 proposed response

Issue 175 is asking for all PDF forms be fillable so they can used by those
who are blind.

Proposed Response:
Thanks you for your comment. WCAG applies to content at a URL. We
understand fillable forms are more accessible to screen reader users. If
content is fillable, then it has to meet the Success Criteria that apply to
fillable forms (1.3.1, 4.1.2 etc). If the form is static then there are no
additional requirements. WCAG does not apply to content after it is no
longer at URL.

If we required all PDFs on WCAG conforming sites to be fillable, it would
require a normative change to our definition of Web Content.

This update is a dot release (2.1) and we can't make that kind of a change
in this version. We can revisit this issue in the next major release of
WCAG, currently called "Silver" depending on the state of fillable PDF
forms at that time, and considering any new definition of content that may
be used in that standard.

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