Re: Where we stand on Animations SC #18

Hi Everyone,

(And particularly Michael Gower and Bruce Bailey who commented already.)

Please note that for this one:
* Animation (AAA) 18<> (4/3/0)

We had some public comments on that (already!) and have changed it since the previous CFC.

A well-known animations expert (Rachel Nabors) was worried that we were forging harsh guidelines without enough data:

I’d take issue with the ‘harsh’ aspect as we had been careful about feasibility, but the lack of data is a valid point. Amelia Bellamy-Royds stepped in and took up my suggestion of moving it to AAA, and also suggested removing the (hard to define) ‘significant’ bit at that level.

Michael & Bruce – “Motion and scaling” are the ones we are confident are definitely issues. Colour changes, blinking and scrolling information (e.g. a teletype banner type thing) are not definitely issues, so I’d rather not try and cover those and leave it open to comments of over-reach.

It currently stands as:
“For motion or scaling animations triggered by a user action that are not an essential part of the action, there is a mechanism for the user to pause, stop or hide the animations while still performing the same action. (Level AAA)”

There is a media query in progress that provides a relatively easy technique, and putting it at AAA puts it on the map without causing undue burden. Separate to 2.1 we need to setup a task force or some group that can gather more evidence to support an A/AA level SC.

It was almost accepted at single-A according to the last survey (24:1?), the one objection was about defining significant which has been removed, so hopefully this would be a quick one?

Michael, I like your wording, but I’m not sure about editing the SC part-way through a survey?

If taken on I’d update to:
“For non-essential motion or scaling animations triggered by a user action, there is a mechanism to prevent the animations and still perform the action.”

That would also address Bruce’s comment I think.

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