Re: Purpose of Controls SC

On 14/08/2017 11:28 PM, Michael Gower wrote:
> 2.1 is scheduled for CR be end of year. I don't believe the COGA 
> semantics will even be a first public draft by then.
Just to fill in details here, the COGA semantics document is a First 
Public Working Draft, called Personalization Semantics:

The ARIA WG has just approved a task force to further develop this:

That said, I don't know that there is implementation of that 
specification at a level corresponding to the level of ARIA 
implementation that existed at a corresponding point in the WCAG 2.0 
timeline. OTOH, I also take JF's point that the SC is designed not to 
depend on that one approach, a characteristic I hope we retain for that 
SC while we work to address the other issues on it.


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