Re: Should we replace the term "common name" with "common concept" or handle it in techniques

How about requiring the common concept or the common name - would that address this concern?

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Hi Lisa,

I think Common Concept would work (FWIW). 

My current concern is that the AA SC (as opposed to its companion AAA SC) does not have the mandate for a machine-readable, taxonomic entry (which is why/how a technique such as using @title would work for the new AA SC). In other words, it is a list, but not a list of 'pairs' (term/definition) at AA - that the definition half could be provided as prose.

As I have previously suggested, the AA requirement is that we provide additional contextual information to a fixed list of these common concept controls/inputs (somehow), but without *MANDATING* a taxonomic "look-up" table that would be required at the AAA level.


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Hi Folks

In issue 6 (support personlization). Should we replace the term "common name" with "common concept"? That would address Kathies concern in the survey that we should provide more than just English common word set. Alternatively we could just build techniques that shows people how to say one word is a type or form of another word in a machine understandable way (such as  using owl /rdf). 

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